The Powerful PDF Reader The Powerful PDF Reader

- Annotate      
- Added notes   
- Highlight text
- Draw with your finger
- Underline and Strike-Through words
- Search in Unicode letters(Arabic,Chinese,Japanese etc.)

Support 30+ different formats Support 30+ different formats

#1 Basic document :pdf,txt,epub,iWork(key/numbers/pages),
xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx,rtf,rtfd, htm,html 
#2 Picture: png,jpg,jpeg,gif,tif,tiff,bmp,tga 
#3 Compressed files:rar,zip,tar 
#4 Audio:mp3.wav,m4a,aac,caf 
#5 Video:mp4,mpv,m4v,mov

Obtaining Files with Various Methods Obtaining Files with Various Methods

•  Transfer files via Wi-Fi
•  iTunes File Sharing
•  Email attachment open
•  Web Browser download
•  Download files from online storage
•  Transfer files via Bluetooth
•  Get files from photo album

Managing Files Easily Managing Files Easily

•  Create folders, move/copy/rename files
•  Zip, unzip files
•  Search files in three simple ways: title, kind and location
•  Download files to PC/Mac via Wi-Fi
•  Record the file transferring & viewing history 


More Convenient Settings More Convenient Settings

•  Set up the password to launch WireShare
•  Transfer files under secured Wi-Fi protection  
•  Personal profile setup, such as profile picture, nickname, online / offline status

Sharing Files With Your Friends Sharing Files With Your Friends

•  Automatically identify and Share files directly in the same Wi-Fi environment
•  Email your friends directly with Wireshare
•  Quickly share files via Bluetooth